Competitor Bulletin #1

Competitor Bulletin #1 – 10/12/2008

This Competitor Bulletin for the Lake Superior Performance Rally is issued to make some corrections and clarifications to the Supplemental Regulations and to explain some changes to the event.

Fuel Depot added for Friday.
A fuel depot has been added to the first service. Cars may now be fueled after the first stage.
Remove,, and 16.2.2.

In section 8.4 remove the line “There will be no Fuel Depot and no fueling allowed in the first service area at the Country Inn and Suites on Friday.”

Additional Service Area added for Saturday, no fuel depot.
An additional Service Area has been added after the final stage on Saturday. This will be a roadside service on the transit after the last stage. There is no Fuel Depot and fueling will not be allowed.

Head and Neck Restraints are required on practice stage.
Section 13.5 add, “Rally America requires that occupants wear SFI 38.1 Head & Neck restraints on all practice stages, VIP rides, Media rides, Spectator rides or any other ride that is on a controlled road.”

2.4 Stewards of the Event
Event Steward: Steve Gingras
Operations Steward: Ben Bradley
Safety Steward: Lyn Nelson

Section 15.2.1 change 7.4.D to 7.5.D.5.a
Section 16.7 correct spelling “arrangements”
Section 20.1 correct spelling “posed” should be “posted”.
Section 20.2 remove “These scores will become final 30 minutes after they have been posted or after any inquiries or protests have been resolved, whichever is later.” Replace with wording from Rally America Rule Book 7.15.B “Scores shall be signed by the Event Chairman or Event Steward and declared official 30 minutes after the Provisional scores are correctly posted, pending resolution of claims filed during the thirty-minute period.

Appendix #1 the awards on Sunday will be the 2008 Rally America Year End Awards. The event awards will be on Saturday.


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